Guest Chick: Julia Henry

The Chicks are thrilled to welcome Julia Henry, author of the Garden Squad mysteries–we’re so excited about the latest book in the series: Wreathing Havoc is available now! 

The Community of Cozies

Thank you, Cynthia, and the rest of the Chicks on the Case for having me on the blog today! I really appreciate you helping me celebrate the release of Wreathing Havoc, the fourth book in my Garden Squad series.

The series takes place in Goosebush, Massachusetts. The central character is Lilly Jayne, a master gardener and recent widow who, with the help of her friends (the Garden Squad), has been bringing her gardens, and her joy, back to life. They’ve also been solving mysteries so that Goosebush gets back on track.

In book time, Wreathing Havoc takes place six months after the first book in the series, Pruning the Dead. The Garden Squad has expanded from Delia, Tamara and Erine to include Tamara’s husband Warwick and Lilly’s handsome next door neighbor Roddy. Their friendship is the core of the series, and the community they care about is what drives their investigations.

When I started writing, I thought that I was on a solo journey. Over time, and thankfully fairly quickly, I found Sisters in Crime, and started connecting with other writers. My writing community has made all the difference. Other writers understand the journey. We speak the same language. We know (or try to) how the business works, and what things mean. We support each other through the tough times, and celebrate the successes. I’ve been especially fortunate to have Barbara Ross, Sherry Harris, Jessie Crockett, Liz Mugavero and Edith Maxwell as blogmates and friends for the past seven years. Like the Chicks on the Case, the Wicked Authors have become a community I could never have imagined all those years ago.

Why talk about my writing community when I’m here to celebrate the launch of Wreathing Havoc? Because community matters in the world of cozies. Disruption in community, and fixing it, is what cozies promise. There’s a reason they are a comfort read for many, especially these days.

There’s another aspect of community in the world of cozies–the readers. Between groups on Facebook, people who follow the blog, readers who sign up for my newsletter and the readers I’ve met at conferences, I have met an amazing group of people who love the communities we build, and care about the residents as much as we do. Those connections are one of the best parts about celebrating releases.

I hope you’ll visit Goosebush, and meet the Garden Squad, this fall. They’re going to be making wreaths, creating garden sculptures, going to the theater and solving a few crimes all while taking care of each other.

Julia Henry writes the Garden Squad series for Kensington.

Wreathing Havoc is the fourth book in the series.

She blogs with the Wicked Authors. For more information, please visit





24 thoughts on “Guest Chick: Julia Henry

  1. I love your comparison of the writing community with the communities in cozies–how important being a part of the community is to both. So very true. (Though let’s hope no one gets murdered in our real communities!)

    We’re so glad to welcome you to the Chicks today, Julia, and congrats on the new book–it sounds terrific!

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  2. Julie, what a lovely post–and an equally lovely series. Particularly timely, too, because all of these very special communities are even more important to our well-being these days. Last night I saw a segment on World News/David Muir about a little girl in GA with a passion for gardening–and she is teaching other kids everything she knows. That’s why she does it, she says–to make friends. And they all want to be farmers. Viva Goosebush!

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      1. Julie, speaking of communities, will you be at New England Crime Bake this year? (Note to all: great writers conference being held both in-person (MA) and virtually next month!)


  3. Congrats on book four in the series!

    Community matters in all aspects of life. Even in working from home. We are made to need other people in our lives.

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  4. Julie, congratulations! I love your emphasis on community. I never had it writing for television and becoming a mystery author showed me what I was missing. I’m in awe of anyone who gardens. I can barely keep a houseplant alive. Oh and BTW, thank you so much for all your work on behalf of SinC!

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  5. Congrats on the new release, Julie — and thanks for hanging out today with the Chicks!
    I’m fascinated with garden sculptures, but personally can’t manage to trim an even line across the top of shrubbery!

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  6. Julie, thank you so much for visiting us today. Excited about your latest book–congratulations! Can’t wait to read it. Very much enjoyed the cozy world you created in the first in the series.

    And this post is lovely too…so agree about writing communities, and speaking of that, thank you for all you do as executive director of Sisters in Crime!

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  7. Hi Julie! I told someone recently that even if I wanted to, I could never quit writing because this is where all my friends are! It’s so nice to have like-minded peeps to talk to about all those dead bodies ….

    Good luck with the new book!


  8. Yay, Julie! I’m halfway through the new book and loving it. So grateful to be part of the Wickeds community with you, and the wider community of the Chicks here, some of my favorite authors.


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