Guest Chick: Sherry Harris

Leslie Karst here, pleased as (rum) punch to welcome the marvelous Sherry Harris to the Chicks today! And I have to ask you, are her book covers the best, or what? Take it away, Sherry!

The Great In Between

I’m in an odd spot right now. My last book, Three Shots to the Wind, came out at the end of March. My next book, Rum and Choke, comes out at the end of December. My current WIP (work in progress) is with my independent editor, Barb Goffman. It leaves me in a place of twirling my thumbs trying to figure out what I should be doing.

Okay, part of me knows that I should be setting up events for the release of Rum and Choke. That involves contacting people who have blogs and contacting bookstores to set up appearances live or virtual. And I’m still doing things to promote Three Shots. Another part of me is thinking it’s okay to take a little break. We just had company for five days and we took a road trip to Ohio.

Another part of my brain is firing off ideas for future books. I’ve been working on a few things this year in my spare time. One is a thriller, one is a romancey, action-adventure, mystery novel, and another is for a tenth Sarah Winston book. But all of them have their complications.

I’ve written about 18,000 words of the thriller. It’s an action thriller with four POVs and bombs going off. But then I wondered what it would be like to write more of a domestic thriller, so I took the same basic concept, changed the dad in the action thriller to a mom for the domestic. The protagonist is the same in both versions. She owns a flower shop, but gets caught up in events that are beyond her control.

The proposal for the romance-action-adventure-mystery book is done along with its first few chapters. It’s been sitting on the computer for a while. I reopened the file, blew the dust off, and did some polishing. But it’s one of those “where does it sit on the shelf” books that agents, editors, and marketing people worry about. Is it a romance? Is it a mystery? Is it action-adventure? I think it’s a bit of all three.

If I write a tenth Sarah Winston book, I will self-publish it. I’ve never done that before and it’s a little scary to think about. But I miss Sarah, her boyfriend Seth, her gang of friends, and the town of Ellington. Several plot lines have been swirling in my head.

On the one hand the great in between is kind of scary, but on the other hand it’s a time for fresh ideas, a bit of a break, and an opportunity to evaluate what I want to do.

Readers: What do you do when you have moments of being in between things?

About Sherry: Sherry Harris is the Agatha Award nominated author of the Sarah Winston Garage Sale mystery series and the Chloe Jackson Sea Glass Saloon mysteries. Sherry is a past president of Sisters in Crime, a member of the Chesapeake Chapter of Sisters in Crime, the New England Chapter of Sisters in Crime and Mystery Writers of America. Sherry loves books, beaches, bars, and bargain hunting — not necessarily in that order. She is also a patent holding inventor.

Twitter: Sharrisauthor
Instagram: SherryHarrisAuthor

24 thoughts on “Guest Chick: Sherry Harris

  1. Excellent covers, Sherry! If you choose to self-publishing, jump in and you’ll find the water warm and inviting. Things have changed (thanks, technology!) and it’s no longer scary. With your writing chops and editing skills (plus many friends), you’ll find ways to self-publish a book that rivals the quality of novels produced by the large publishing companies.

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  2. You sound busy, Sherry! I haven’t had a lot of “in between” lately, but with next year’s Laurel Highlands mystery already written, I’ll have some time this fall. I think I’m going to brush off an old manuscript and get it ready for queries.

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  3. Sherry, how nice to see you on Chicks today! “In between” time? Sounds as if you’re moving full-speed ahead! Whatever you decide, we Sherry fans will be in line for your next book. I’ve also just returned to a former WIP after finally finishing one that took me waaaay too long, and I feel as if I’m working on something someone else started, lol. Funny what a few months away from a ms. will do to your writer’s brain. But I think it’s wonderful that so many exciting possibilities are calling to you. Remember, your Sherry fan club will be there whatever you decide–write whatever you want!


  4. Depending on how crazy busy I’ve been before (and how much I anticipate for the “after”), I’m thinking a lot of lying around in the back yard with a good book and glass of iced tea would be the perfect “in between” activity.

    And thanks so much for stopping by the Chicks today, my dear! Yay about all of your new books!


  5. So happy to hear that Sarah may be back! I loved all of her books and can’t wait to read another! The rest sound interesting – I will keep an eye out for news from you about them.


  6. Sherry!!! First of all, congratulations on yet another fab Seaglass Saloon Mystery. I get where you’re at. I was there myself a few months ago. Between contracts and not sure what I wanted to do next. Trying to write a second suspense novel. My first is on sub but hasn’t found a home. My agent loves the protagonist and would like her to appear in another book but I’m having a miserable time trying to write suspense. It took me forever to write the first one, which isn’t my usual modus operandi. Anyhoo, I did a lot of social media during the downtime and also created proposals for two new series – one of which looks like it’s moving ahead. (I’m putting a pin in the second due to time constraints.) We also spent a week in NOLA for our daughter’s graduation and I have to say, it was a huge relief to be free of work demands during that time. So, travel! Feed your soul, your mind, and your relationships. I bet you come up with some new ideas while you’re out there. xo


  7. Sherry, sounds like you have many books coming up — just a matter of deciding what to do first! I’m still struggling with. Domestic suspense manuscript that’s not under contract. We’ll see what happens.
    Thanks for hanging out with the Chicks today!


  8. I relax a bit and decide on my options. I am so glad that you are thinking of continuing Sarah Winston as I thought that they were getting better and more interesting. I wanted more and then you told us it was the end! Please do it and self-publish if that is what it takes. I am in! Though I am interested in the next Chloe Jackson. I have them all and do like them a lot.


  9. Hi, Sherry! *waving madly* I’m not in-between anything these days, but I’m sure acting like I am! I run an annual fundraiser for foster kids to collect emergency supplies for them, and because of covid, we’re finally back in person. I’d forgotten how much work it is, plus, it has grown exponentially. So I’m a bit opposite of you … I’m trying to figure out how to get out of my in-between and back to my work. I trust we’ll both figure it out soon enough!

    And I do love those covers of yours!


  10. Sherry, I love ALL of these ideas!! Sounds like you’re going to be busier than ever!

    When I’m in-between, I try to catch up on those parts of life that I seemed to have ignored–plus put some relaxation in the mental bank for the days when in-between is over.

    Thanks so much for visiting us! ❤


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