Chick Pic Time!

Cozy readers—and especially Chicks on the Case readers—are some of the most creative folks on the planet so we’re asking you to play Chick Pic with us! In the comments, give us a couple of sentences … who is this? What’s her back story? Victim, criminal, detective, murderer, spy? The more ridiculous the better! The subject may look familiar, but remember, things aren’t always as they seem. Each comment can build on the previous until we have a fully-fleshed out character, or even the beginnings of a story. Or if you don’t like the direction the comment thread is going, start a new one. Writing is all about rewriting, after all. Let’s have some wacky creative fun! 

16 thoughts on “Chick Pic Time!

  1. She hated to do it, but then she knew it was for good. She licked her lips, and her eyes bulged. Marcy imagined how she looked, like Kathy Bates as Annie in Stephen King’s Misery. One thought on an endless loop — some things just have to be done.

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  2. Because Celia, the annoying editor-in-chief, had to go. Marcy imagined snipping her boss as ruthlessly as Celia hacked every third word of Marcy’s daily column at the Twinkle Towne Tribune.

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  3. “No one will ever, EVER take my typewriter,” Marcy fumed to herself. “I will die protecting it and take anyone who tries stealing it down with me. Everyone knows computers suck your soul out of your body straight into them. That’s how they’re powered. By human souls.”

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  4. But then again, few of her co-workers ever paid much attention to her, as they found her somehow beneath them. Which made her stop and think, “These scissors would work equally well on Matt…and Linda and Roberto and Aisha!”

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  5. Marcy delighted in the irony that she would be the one to write Celia’s obit. “It’ll be a moving tribute,” she thought. “Too bad Celia will never get to read it!”

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