Chicks Holiday Shopping Guide

What’s better than the perfect gift? A PAIR of perfect gifts!  We asked each of the Chicks to pair one of their books with a potential gift idea. Please check out the results below, just in time for the holidays…

Lisa Q. Mathews

Fashionably.Late.Mathews EloiseParis

There’s no snow, except for the fake kind, but what could be more holiday-festive (and dangerous) than Fashion Week in glittering Milano, FL?

You’re cordially invited to join the Ladies Smythe & Westin on this Christmas-time case.

Zut, alors! Who can resist the little girl who lives on the tippety-top floor of the Plaza Hotel with her nanny, dog and turtle? They’re all headed to Paris–city of dreams for Ladies-reader-darling Juliette-Margot, the 6 yo Francophile who hopes to follow in the stiletto heels of her supermodel French mom. Buy Eloise in Paris here, s’il vous plait


Ellen Byron

bayou-book-thief lost recipes
Ricki James-Diaz moves to New Orleans to start a new life as the proprietor of Miss Vee’s Vintage Cookbook and Kitchenware Shop at the Garden District’s Bon Vee Culinary House Museum. Will it be a success or a recipe for disaster? What pairs better with a series inspired by vintage cookbooks than a cookbook bringing lost recipes back to life? That’s The Book of Lost Recipes: The Best Dishes from Historic Restaurants Rediscovered


Cynthia Kuhn

Lila Maclean Academic Mystery #5 is set during the holidays, in a Victorian mansion covered with snow! Get ready for some cozy holiday cheer, carols, and of course crimes. How about wrapping up a beautiful teacup with your favorite tea, coffee, or cocoa–because reading while sipping a toasty beverage = joy! Here are some one-of-a-kind options.


Leslie Karst

The Fragrance of Death cover cleaver
Sally Solari is a champion, both in the kitchen and on the case, but when an old acquaintance is murdered at the annual Santa Cruz Artichoke Cook-Off and she sets off to investigate, her life heats up like a cast iron skillet over an open flame. The red-handled cleaver featured in The Fragrance of Death was inspired by one I inherited from my wife’s grandmother, and it’s become one of my favorite knives–perfect for hacking up a rack of ribs or….? Get your own here.


 Kathleen Valenti

Between work woes and Constantine’s aunt, who stumbled across her husband’s dead body while sleepwalking, Maggie is losing a serious amount of sleep. Trouble falling asleep? Relax. Lavender-scented bubbles and lotion can help you unwind, sending insomnia to bed. Cue the visions of sugarplums.


Becky Clark

police navidad 1
At the end of Police Navidad, all the main characters are gathered for their Christmas gift exchange. Ozzi gave 80-somethings Don and Barb these matching t-shirts. They immediately donned them.


 Jennifer Chow

deathbybubbletea_small Bubble tea necklace
L.A. Night Market Mystery #1 features two cousins with opposite personalities who start up a food stall at their local night market. After one of their customers has a fatal reaction to a bubble tea drink, the cousins also partner together to solve a crime. The obvious pairing is a cup of bubble tea. For a more lasting gift, check out some bubble tea necklaces. I got mine from BoxLunch (a set of two; my daughter’s version says “Best” and mine says “Teas”), but you can also find an assortment of designs online.




Vickie Fee

DeathCrashesThePartyCover Apple-Pie-Jelly_600x600
Party planner Liv McKay is planning a Moonshine and Magnolias bash for high maintenance clients when Death Crashes the Party. Liv and pal Di follow a trail of sinister secrets and just when they think they’re whistling they find themselves in the crosshairs of the least likely killer of all… Ole Smoky Tennessee Apple Pie Moonshine Jelly makes just the right gift for a tippling host or the perfect stocking stuffer for that favorite uncle. It contains just a kick (less than 1% of distilled Tennessee Moonshine.


What are your favorite gifts to give or to pair (and/or what is #1 on your wish list)?

33 thoughts on “Chicks Holiday Shopping Guide

    1. First, Tom, congrats on your pub day for Sister! I hope you were very good this year so that you can score this prize gift from Santa. (But hey, if he doesn’t bring it, maybe this would be a good congrats prezzie for Sister!)

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  1. Pairing a book with a second gift is brilliant? Why had I never thought of that?
    I usually try to give a book series as a gift.
    What if we gave Colleen Gleason‘a Phyllida books with a tea pot (since the books are about AC’s fake housekeeper?)
    Or Kelley Garrett’s first series with a couple of classic movies.

    Here’s what I picture for each of the chicks
    Lisa’s books totally go with something like the Clue board game or some activity the recipient would do in retirement
    Ellen’s books pair with an unusual cookbook (like my PA Dutch ones) or a recipe box complete with recipes for a party (appetizer entries, snacks, drinks and desserts
    Cynthia’s books would pair with a Scrabble board (she is an English major after all) and accompanying dictionary
    Leslie’s books with any small kitchen gadget or some tea towels
    Kathleen’s books would pair with A is for Arsenic, the book of AC’s poisons
    Becky’s books pair well with a nice pen and a journal or to-do checklist notepad.
    Jennifer’s books match a a tea (not coffee) cup and box of fancy teas, tea forte is a good suggestion.

    And of course I can’t forget my good friend JC Kenney, who’s books would pair with classic rock CDs.

    Man, I come up with fabulous stuff! I want all these gifts for me now! 😂

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  2. What great pairings!

    I give a lot of books, especially to my two young nephews (4 and 1). But I’m looking for a toy appropriate for a 1-year-old this year. He has Down’s Syndrome and I want something that will help him developmentally. I’m so out of practice.

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    1. Yay for books! I have an idea: maybe search up “taggie” stuffed toys? They’re supposed to be both calming and tactile and were faves around here. Also the VTech Musical Rhyme book is so cool–saw a baby with one the other day and asked the mom what it was because I wanted to keep that in mind for presents!

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  3. I love these pairings! I already own Bayou Book Thief & just ordered a copy of The Book of Lost Recipes to go with it! I love to pair a book with a bookish accessory – bookmark, Book socks or hot chocolate to celebrate Jolabokaflod!

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  4. What great ideas these all are! I’m going to change into my “the older I get” T-shirt and “best-teas” necklace, grab my red-handled cleaver, prepare some dishes from the “Lost Recipes” cookbook, then eat a leisurely dinner whist reading “Eloise in Paris,” then slip into a bubble bath and sip some tea before bed….

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