The Monday After

For a variety of reasons, I am writing this post on my phone after midnight. Please forgive me for keeping it short and sweet this week (and for making it a bit of a DIY post, if that’s a thing) but it could not be helped, promise.

Happy Monday after Left Coast Crime!
Happy Monday after St. Paddy’s Day!

It’s the first time in a good while that I had to miss Left Coast Crime (wipes away tear) and it’s been actually ages since I went out on March 17 and had a proper green beer in shamrock-studded decor.

Did you go to LCC? Did you celebrate in green on Friday? Or both? If so, please tell us all about it below…cannot wait to hear! I’ve heard rumors of most excellent adventures…

27 thoughts on “The Monday After

  1. I had to miss LCC too this year. All the pics and adventures from previous years keep popping up in my facebook memories, however, making me smile. What fun we’ve had over the years! As for St Pat’s Day, I hoisted a Guinness and my son made fun of me for pouring it into a mug, so all is right with the world.

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  2. I made corned beef with potatoes and carrots (the young ones aren’t fans of cabbage) for dinner. The family enjoyed it with either Magner’s Hard Cider or Guinness. A low key and pleasant celebration.

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  3. Tons of green at LCC including myself. Kelly green isn’t my best color but if I didn’t care.

    A.J. Devlin hosted a banana milkshake party by the poolside bar on 3/17, decked out in green sparkly shirt and shamrock sunglasses.

    We missed you terribly. All of our greetings included “Is Cynthia coming?” Lisa Q showed me a picture of your lovely veggie plate from the banquet last year. This year’s was way better.

    Next year in Bellevue (Seattle area)?

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    1. Banana milkshake party sounds amazing. And awwwww I missed you all terribly too. LOL on the veggie plate: I forgot about the world’s biggest cauliflower!! So happy you had a wonderful time, K!! And next year sounds so great…

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  4. I wish I could say I went to LCC, but I missed it as well. Sounds like it was tons of fun.

    I also didn’t get out and do anything for St. Patrick’s Day, but I rare do that. I did go to a book signing with friends Saturday, which was lots of fun. And my brother and his family stopped by as they drove through town last night, which was great.

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  5. Sorry for the late reply–currently recovering from LCC. It was so much fun! And St. Patty’s day was a blast. Other authors gifted me with a shamrock sticker & a shamrock necklace-turned-bracelet. Also, we had an amazing Chicks & Cozy Mystery Crew author-reader connection with beautiful Irish-themed decor (including dish cloths–thanks, Lisa!) & PieCaken (thank you, El!).

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  6. Cynthia, we missed you and the other Chicks who couldn’t make it for this LCC sooo much—but looking forward to next year! And, of course….Malice!! On the last leg of my trip home (a bus) to NH right now.

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  7. Your phone post is fabulous (phabulous?)!

    I missed LCC, too, but absolutely loved seeing the pics on Facebook. Looked like a BLAST–and I hope to make it next year. ❤ Hugs all around!

    I celebrated St. Patty's Day early by running 17 kilometers and downing a Guinness for my (ahem) recovery drink.

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