Guest Chick: Patricia Raybon

Lisa here, just back from Left Coast Crime in Tucson. It was wonderful to see so many of you, as well as three of my fellow Chicks. Today we’re excited to introduce Patricia Raybon, author of the ANNALEE SPAIN MYSTERIES. Take it away, Patricia!

I heard the request. But I despaired of it.

“Send me a video.”

I groaned. Nothing tests me more than a techy task for social media. As a woman of “a certain age,” I write “history mystery” and my generation looks the part. (No shame, indeed.) So, I’m not a digital native. I didn’t grow up with smart phones or social-media savvy. Instead, I’m all thumbs, and not in a good way.

“Send me a video”?

That’s like telling me to climb Mount Everest, cross the Serengeti, and circumvent the globe—all while recording myself on my phone, and looking great doing it.

OK, I exaggerate. Except countless folks these days chalk up such feats—recording trips and tips—and, oh by the way, looking smart and fabulous.

Then there’s me. I’m neither camera ready nor IG natural. Those folks roll out of bed, or a sleeping bag, and look phenomenal. On Instagram, of course. 

For me, a video request meant figuring out which button to push on my not-so-new phone, finding something “dope” to wear, parsing a perfect background in my not-so-perfect house, slapping on the right makeup, fixing my L’Oréal hair—and then saying something too cool for school. In, say, 19 seconds.

I groaned, indeed.

Then something clicked. I didn’t have time or reason to overthink this video misadventure. Instead, I simply held up my faithful, out-of-date Samsung and told myself: Let’s do this. I refused, that is, to grind through hours taping a 19-second video. Or worry whether 19 seconds was too long.

Instead, I pulled on my favorite sweater (bright orange), swiped on lipstick, patted my hair, stood tall by an ordinary table, pushed the video button. Then I said apparently enough. No stress.

Well, I smiled. My dear late mother always said people look better that way. Then I hit the share button and dispatched the video to where it needed to go. I smiled, indeed, realizing that this is what the IG and TikTok cognoscenti understand.

Or maybe Nike said it first: Just do it. Then, may what comes next—for me, for you, for chicks who click—take good care of itself.   


In the cold and dangerous spring of 1924, amateur detective Annalee Spain offers her fancy lace handkerchief—a gift from her complicated pastor boyfriend, Jack Blake—to a young woman crying in a Denver public library. But later that night, when police find the handkerchief next to the body of the young woman’s murdered husband, Annalee becomes the number one suspect, and her panic doubles when she learns that Jack has gone missing.

With just days to solve the murder before the city’s Klan-run police frame her for the crime, Annalee finds herself hunting for clues in the Colorado mountain town of Estes Park. She questions the victim’s wife and her uncle, a wealthy Denver banker, at their mountain lodge, desperate for leads. She finds a household full of suspects and even more burning questions. Who keeps threatening her, why can’t she find Jack, and will a dangerous flirtation be her undoing? Her answers plumb the depths of the human heart, including her own, exploring long-buried secrets, family lies, even city politics—all of which could cost the young detective her fledgling love . . . and perhaps even her life.


PATRICIA RAYBON is an award-winning Colorado author whose 1920s mystery series features a prim, poor Black theologian—a fan of Sherlock Holmes—who solves murder and crime in Colorado’s dangerous Klan era. The series debut, ALL THAT IS SECRET, won a 2022 Christy Award for First Novel. DOUBLE THE LIES, the second installment in the Annalee Spain Mysteries, is “a fast-moving mystery [whose] mix of history and intrigue will captivate readers,” says Publishers Weekly. Meet Patricia at

Readers, are you a fan of going live on social media–or are you more comfortable pre-taping or…skipping it altogether? Let us know in the comments below, and say hi to Patricia!

25 thoughts on “Guest Chick: Patricia Raybon

  1. Patricia, not only does your book sound heart-pounding fun, but from one woman of a certain age (as Deanna Raybourn titled her latest book) to another, you look phenomenal in your author’s photo. Is that the ‘bright orange sweater?’ It’s fabulous.

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    1. Thanks, Pamela! The photographer did a few enhancements. (Smile.) As for the orange sweater, the one in the photo above is different than what I sported for the video. I wear orange a lot because, years ago, an image consultant–remember them?–told me warm colors are my best choice. Does that matter anymore? Who knows? Kind thanks for your comment!

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    1. I can so relate. I recently was asked to do an IG Live. More panic! But we press on, right? Kind thanks for your comment. It’s great to connect today.

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    1. Yes, a simple smile. It goes a long way. (And my teeth aren’t perfect either!) But IG says smile anyway. I’m sending one your way today. Kind thanks for connecting. Meantime, if you try my book, I hope you enjoy it. Have a fab day!

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  2. Patricia, thanks so much for joining us today on Chicks. Your book sounds great–and what an intriguing cover. I have yet to create any videos–but never say never! I’ll keep your advice in mind…

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    1. Thanks so much, Lisa! Kind thanks also for guiding me on my guest duties today. As for videos, grab your fave sweater and go for it. With my warmest thanks!

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  3. Hi Patricia! *waving madly* Can’t wait to read the new book! And it’s so funny about your post today, because just this morning I was sent the video I did along with a couple of other authors for a kickstarter campaign we’re involved with. We had a script and each of us read all of it, then the best bits were spliced together. Egads. I waaaay overthought it and if I’d taken your advice, it probably would have worked out better. Certainly it would have been faster!

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    1. Becky! So great to reconnect today. As for videos and such, what a challenge, indeed. (Although, you have great hair. If I had your locks, I’d be videotaping every day!) As for kickstarter, wow. I’m impressed. And, to think, we also manage to write books. What a journey. It’s wonderful to walk it with you!

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      1. Aw, thanks! The kickstarter thing is for an anthology, so I just do what I’m told. Other people are doing the heavy lifting. And you’re absolutely right, if I wasn’t doing all this with friends, I wouldn’t want to do it at all!

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  4. Welcome, Patricia! Glad you’re here. I don’t like doing videos of myself–I’d much rather film non-me things and splice everything together.

    The last live event I did, I blipped out of existence. My internet, of course, went down while I was answering a question. It did recover…but yikes!

    (Also, I’m still in awe that you got a blurb from Stephen Curry!)

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    1. Hi amazing Jen! Splicing? Something else for me to learn? Since you’re mentioning it today, however, I’m going to try that. As for Stephen Curry, a reviewer on BookRiot recommended my book to him–with no promises. Then one day, a blurb! Like you, I’m still amazed. The book journey never ceases to surprise, right? Thanks so much for walking it with me!

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  5. There’s a reason I have a blog and not a YouTube channel. And a reason I have my blog on Blogger and not any other platform. The less I have to learn the better.

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  6. I love photography, so it’s generally still photos for me. So much easier to control! But never say never, right? And maybe someday I’ll even check out TikTok to see what all the fuss is about….

    Thanks so much for visiting the Chicks today, Patricia, and congrats on the new book–it looks terrific!

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    1. Thanks so much, Leslie. True, never say never. Like you, maybe I’ll decipher TikTok before it’s outlawed or sold or whatever ends up happening with it. Meantime, warmest thanks for your kind welcome here today. I’m enjoying hanging out with the Chicks!

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    1. It’s great to connect, Ellen. Like you, I SO love historical mysteries. Thanks for adding my Annalee Spain adventures to your list. Meantime, best wishes on all your 21st Century ways and means. As that saying goes, just do it!

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    1. So great to connect, Vicki. Thanks so much. I wasn’t sure at first what to say in my post, so I’m grateful and glad everyone enjoyed my little confession. Many kindred spirits could relate. My warmest thanks!


  7. Thanks so much for being here, Patricia! Filming (videoing??) fills me with a vague terror so I really appreciated your story. And orange is such a powerfully positive color!

    Congrats on the book! It sounds great!!


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