Trying to define the “Quality of Life”

This photo is both hilarious and heartbreaking. Last week, Jer and I traveled to Baton Rouge for the Louisiana Book Festival, then down to New Orleans for Halloween. Our recent college grad daughter Eliza is back home, and she babysat Pogo, our sixteen-year-old chihuahua mix rescue. Pogo has been on a bit of a downward slide over the last year. In September of 2021, he … Continue reading Trying to define the “Quality of Life”

Guest Chick: Sandra Murphy

We’re so happy to welcome back the inimitable reviewer and author Sandra Murphy. Today she’s offering very wise words for both authors and readers. Take it away, Sandra! Do’s and Don’t’s of Book Reviews I review over 100 books a year for Kings River Life online magazine, cozies and thrillers, set in the present and in the not-too-distant past which means I spend seven or … Continue reading Guest Chick: Sandra Murphy

Spirits on the Screen

  Wishing You A Very Happy Halloween! To get into the right “spirit,” I have a question for you: what are your favorite films with ghosts? Let’s trade recommendations. I can’t wait to hear. Here are my top ten in chronological order. The Shining (1980): Even though the movie is terrifying, I have re-watched it many times. Probably because Jack Nicholson is compelling…and of course … Continue reading Spirits on the Screen

Guest Chick: Diane Vallere

Lisa here, thrilled to welcome multi-talented mystery author and our ever-fashionable past Sisters in Crime president Diane Vallere to Chicks today. Even though it’s not technically Easter time (hey, candy is candy!), we readers always enjoy the thrill of the egg hunt. Join Diane as she shares how she hides those fun little nudge-nudge-wink-winks in her books… Continue reading Guest Chick: Diane Vallere

Chick Chat: Our Favorite Funny Writers

Besides (obviously) us Chicks, we’re sharing about writers who tickle our funny bone. Who do we love and admire? Find out, and feel free to add your favorites! Lisa Q. Mathews Oh, gosh–I do NOT have enough room here to answer this question! But okay, here’s an initial stab (not including my fellow Chicks, of course): Jean Kerr, of Please Don’t Eat the Daisies fame, … Continue reading Chick Chat: Our Favorite Funny Writers

13 Helpful Comments to Inspire a Mystery Writer

Yesterday I saw an S.M.S. (Save My Sanity) tweet from a mystery author I’ve never met. Let’s call her Angie. She was manning her table at a book festival when a passerby noted her banner and estimated the likely number of readers for Angie’s sub-genre: 3. That could have ruined Angie’s day, if she hadn’t sold a bunch of books—and figured out a crucial element for her next mystery at the same time. Continue reading 13 Helpful Comments to Inspire a Mystery Writer

Old Haunts

This time of year, there’s a lot of talk about hauntings. Frankly, I’m jealous. Having cut my reading teeth on The Shining, I’ve always been fascinated by a possible rending of the veil between the material and spirit worlds, whether that rift is fueled by a burial ground disturbance, traumatic worldly departure, or a particularly salty bartender. So far… no dice. And no hauntings.   … Continue reading Old Haunts

What’s fab about October?

Things I love about October: leaves changing color, widely available pumpkin spice options, and Halloween decorations and movies. Leaves are ablaze with color here in the Marquette area. The most spectacular fall displays in the Upper Peninsula are actually in the Keweenaw Peninsula, in case you’re planning a visit. It’s a couple of hours drive from our home to the middle of the Keweenaw. Hubs … Continue reading What’s fab about October?