I have a love/hate relationship with surprises. I love to hate them. Yes, yes. I know that surprises are part and parcel to the mystery writing/reading world. I mean, what’s a mystery without, well, some mystery? Even if it’s not a whodunnit, it should at least be a whydunnit or howdunnit. But, overall, I’m just not a fan of the unexpected. If I’m going to … Continue reading Surprise!

Guest Chick: Lyn Liao Butler

Jennifer here, and I’m excited to have Lyn on the blog today. We met in the 2020 Debuts group, and it’s been fascinating how her publishing journey has unfolded, including writing an accidental thriller! My Accidental Thriller My first two books, which came out during the pandemic, are categorized as upmarket fiction, or book club fiction. My option for the third book was supposed to … Continue reading Guest Chick: Lyn Liao Butler

A matter of perspective

Some things have felt a bit overwhelming for me lately, which has led me to think a lot about perspective. The church I attended as a child had a steeple atop the chapel. After worship services had long since moved into the new auditorium, a grade-school friend and I climbed through the old baptistry and into the steeple which housed the by-then silent bells. It … Continue reading A matter of perspective

Pack It Up!

So we went on a road trip this past Presidents’ Day weekend. It’s the first pack-your-stuff travel I’ve had in 2023. After my four conferences last year, you’d think I’d be a pro. I’ve got these handy-handy travel items: But despite my detailed list and travel tools, I still managed to forget things on this trip: Here’s hoping I’ve refined my trip techniques before all … Continue reading Pack It Up!

It’s Mardi Gras Again!

You know the let-down you feel on January 2nd after the holidays? That doesn’t happen in New Orleans. In fact, those wild ‘n wacky New Orleanians get MORE excited after Christmas because the minute the Epiphany kicks in on January 6th, Carnival Season begins. You can eat King Cake until Lent! You can go to parades! You can dress in my favorite colors, purple, green, … Continue reading It’s Mardi Gras Again!

Guest Chick: Sue Hinkin

Please join us in welcoming the wonderful Sue Hinkin, author of the award-winning Vega and Middleton thriller series!  What to do When Life Disrupts Your Plans I was on a roll, writing regularly with focus and discipline, religiously attending my critique group, getting work published and then, life, as it inevitably does, totally upended my plans. A fall on the ice, a concussion, years of … Continue reading Guest Chick: Sue Hinkin

Detecting Duos

‘Tis the time of year when you can’t go ten feet without bumping into a paper heart taped to something, as Lila Maclean once observed. So who makes your heart go pitter pat? Let’s chat about detecting duos–couples solving crimes–friends in forensics. Tagging Sherlock and Dr. Watson first. I am referring here to the characters as played in the BBC series Sherlock specifically, who are full-on delightful … Continue reading Detecting Duos

Guest Chick: Galit Gottlieb

Becky here, excited to welcome Galit Gottlieb to Chicks on the Case! As someone who created goofy recipes for my Crossword Mystery series, I can totally relate to this! Want to Test Recipes for My Next Murder Mystery? In culinary mysteries, which I love reading, someone is murdered, the sleuth tries to figure out who did it, and everyone eats breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Over … Continue reading Guest Chick: Galit Gottlieb

Happy Book Birthday, Ellen Byron!

It’s Release Day for Wined and Died in New Orleans, the second book in Ellen Byron’s new series, The Vintage Cookbook Mysteries! Says the Library Journal, “Fans of Byron’s award-winning ‘Cajun Country’ mysteries will enjoy her return to New Orleans with an engaging, fun cast of characters.” Congratulations, Ellen! You can pick up a copy through the link below. About WINED AND DIED IN NEW … Continue reading Happy Book Birthday, Ellen Byron!