Guest Chick: Sara Dahmen

Hi, Ellen here. I e-met Sara Dahmen in a Dana Kaye webinar about promoting during a pandemic. Sara had written a gorgeous book, Copper, Iron, and Clay: A Smith’s Journey, about iconic American cookware and her journey to become the only female coppersmith in America. Read about how she came to write this awesome book – which includes delicious recipes… Did you know that I … Continue reading Guest Chick: Sara Dahmen

Recipe Cards From the Edge: Blueberry Edition

About two months ago, I got The Call.  And no, it wasn’t my agent, or my publisher, or Ed McMahon from beyond the grave to inform me I’d won an unfathomable amount of cash from Publishers Clearinghouse. It was a Facebook message from my dear friend, Coffeehouse Mysteries author Cleo Coyle, with an invitation to guest on her multi-author, culinary mystery blog. I accepted on the spot, of course. Continue reading Recipe Cards From the Edge: Blueberry Edition