Your Book is Making Me Hungry

Dear Authors, While I appreciate you putting mouth-watering food descriptions in your books, I also charge you with making me hungry. Your excellent sensory prose has led to the revival of my sweet tooth, much snacking, and procrasti-baking. My evidence? Exhibit A: Pecan Pralines. I made these after reading Ellen’s Fatal Cajun Festival. Exhibit B: Cinnamon Rolls. These pastries aren’t even typically served at the … Continue reading Your Book is Making Me Hungry

When is a Fruit a Vegetable?

I think about food a lot. In part because I seem to be incessantly hungry—the result, no doubt, of having to greatly curb my caloric intake now that I’ve reached what the French so delicately call un certain âge. But also because I’m pretty much obsessed with food, even when not hungry. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve begun discussing and planning a … Continue reading When is a Fruit a Vegetable?

Guest Chick, Daryl Wood Gerber: Writing Without Food

Leslie here. When I started writing my Sally Solari culinary series, one of the first authors I turned to for inspiration was Daryl Wood Gerber, who—also as Avery Aames—has written a host of fabulous culinary cozies. So you can imagine how thrilled I am, along with all the other Chicks, to welcome Daryl here today. But writing without food? Is that even possible? Read on, … Continue reading Guest Chick, Daryl Wood Gerber: Writing Without Food

Making Sushi Is No Mystery

As Monty Python famously said, “And now for something completely different!” But since I do pen culinary-themed mysteries, I thought it only right and proper that I begin to sprinkle the occasional recipe into this blog. So here’s one to celebrate the new year! As some of you probably know, my wife Robin and I spend half the year in Santa Cruz (where my Sally … Continue reading Making Sushi Is No Mystery