Do Giveaways Really Work?

I have a love-hate relationship with giveaways. I’m a sucker for raffles and the possibility of winning prizes. I’ve entered my share of contests at in-person local events. Never won a single thing. True story: At one event, there was nobody clamoring after this particular salt and pepper shaker. I placed *two* raffle tickets into the box. At the last minute, someone entered their single … Continue reading Do Giveaways Really Work?

Procrastinate Much? Let Us Count the Ways

Sorry I’m late writing this intro, but good news – Mr. Darcy is my BBC husband! Yep, those quizzes that pop up on Facebook all the time are a great way to procrastinate. But we Chicks have found oh, so many other ways to put off our writing. How many? Let us count the ways… which, come to think of it, would be a great way to procrastinate.
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