It’s Mardi Gras Again!

You know the let-down you feel on January 2nd after the holidays? That doesn’t happen in New Orleans. In fact, those wild ‘n wacky New Orleanians get MORE excited after Christmas because the minute the Epiphany kicks in on January 6th, Carnival Season begins. You can eat King Cake until Lent! You can go to parades! You can dress in my favorite colors, purple, green, … Continue reading It’s Mardi Gras Again!

Mardi Gras becomes Yardi Gras

No parades. No balls. No bars. No hordes of visitors reveling in iconic Mardi Gras celebrations. You’d think that would plunge a city into a deep depression. Well, not if that city is New Orleans. Don’t get me wrong, there was depression. How could there not be? But then some of New Orleans’ many creative types came up with a way to celebrate in a … Continue reading Mardi Gras becomes Yardi Gras

Guest Chick: Colleen Mooney

Ellen here, and I’m happy to welcome my friend Colleen Mooney to Chicks. Colleen, a native New Orleanian, writes the endlessly entertaining Go Cup Chronicles Mystery Series. Thanks so much for joining us today, Colleen! HURRICANE HAVOC I want to thank Ellen Byron and Chicks on the Case for having me as a guest.  Being a guest anywhere right now is quite an honor since … Continue reading Guest Chick: Colleen Mooney

Mardi Gras Memories

MARDI GRAS MURDER, my 4th Cajun Country Mystery, launched on October 9th. Yippee!! It revolves around the Cajun tradition of Courir de Mardi Gras. I thought I’d update and re-share this post about my own personal Mardi Gras experiences while a student at Tulane University. Laissez les bon temps rouler!!! I went to school in New Orleans for a couple of reasons. One, I was a … Continue reading Mardi Gras Memories

Guest Chick: Keenan Powell

What’s Fur Rondy, you ask? Welcome Chicks guest Keenan Powell, author of the wonderful debut mystery, DEADLY SOLUTION. She”ll tell you all about this unique Alaska tradition… Alaska’s Fur Rondy! New Orleans has Mardi Gras. New York City has the St. Patrick’s Day parade. And since 1935, fur trappers have descended on Anchorage at winter’s end to sell furs, buy supplies and carouse. Over the … Continue reading Guest Chick: Keenan Powell

A Telemarketer Gave Me a Character

I was getting ready for work this morning when I got a telephone call. In a hurry, I didn’t check Caller ID. Here’s the conversation: Me: Hello? Woman on the other end: Ellen?(Tinkly laugh) Hi, wow, you’re harder to reach than the last cookie in the cookie jar. Me: (Confused) Who is this? Woman: Oh, it’s Jenny and I’m calling from the  – Me: CLICK! … Continue reading A Telemarketer Gave Me a Character