What We Talk About When We Talk About Going Back To School

(Dedicated to all the teachers heading back into classrooms right about now.)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Going Back To School

(Sliver of open door.)
How the summer went by like lightning.
How much we miss the summer already.

(Hallway of good intentions.)
Whom we’ve seen and not seen.
Whom we want to see and not see.

(Charts and more charts.)
Which rooms we are in.
Which rooms we’d rather be in.

(Such a full agenda.)
What we will do, starting now.
What will happen if we don’t.

(All of the calendar pages.)
When are the times for this.
When are the times for that.

(Promises of new syllabi.)
How much we love our classes.
How long until the end of term.

What do you think of, dear readers, when you think about going back to school? Also: because we’re talking about school, today is a GIVEAWAY — one randomly selected commenter will win an ebook of your choice in the Lila Maclean Academic Mystery series. 🙂

46 thoughts on “What We Talk About When We Talk About Going Back To School

  1. School seems to start really early in the day for the high school kids, at least where I live. Sometimes I see or hear the neighbor kids walking past my apartment before the sun is even up. And while the cats make sure I feed them before sunrise, at least I can go back to bed afterward. So what do I think of when I think about going back to school? I think how lucky I am that I don’t have to go!

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  2. Oh, how I miss school! I still love notebooks, journals, pencils, pens, erasers. A new box of crayons and that smell when you open the box. New books and making covers for them. New teachers and the wondering if you will learn something new and exciting from them. Eating in the cafeteria. The library. Finding a new book in said library and the joy of sitting and reading it. Watching all of the students and teachers, wondering if, possibly, a new friend is somewhere in the mix. I truly miss it all!

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  3. I’ve never been a teacher, but let me take this space to thank all of you who are, or have been, for all the time, energy, thought, patience, hard work, and love you have put into the job. I would be neither where I am nor who I am without you.

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  4. Props to you, Cynthia, and to Art, and to all the wonderful teachers who have prepared and inspired us on our journey! I still think of you, Judy Darmstaeder, wherever you are! (And I still have the little inscribed pocket dictionary you gave me when I won the third-grade spelling bee at Brookmeade Elementary!)

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  5. I’m so glad I’m not in school anymore. The students don’t respect the teachers. And the “What about me” kids who are now teachers wonder why they’re not respected. Respect is taught, learned and earned. Not a given. I feel sorry for the teachers out there that really do try their best and care for those under their charge

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  6. I thank all the teachers out there- it is a tough job and you aren’t paid so well as other jobs. Thanks to all my teachers past and future.

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  7. School was fun for me. It gives the chance to catch up with friends. It also reminds me of the upcoming fall season with crisp air, falling leaves, cider, and wonderful colors.


  8. I think how time really goes by fast. It seemed like school being out had just begun. Early mornings and running late at times. I miss my son being home. Then as he’s leaving I tell him I love you have a good day and better you than me lol.


  9. When school starts I am glad I am not trying to work with this generation of kids from uncaring families. I am glad I homeschooled my own kids. Frankly miss being around learning children. Good memories.


  10. I love back to school shopping even tho I’m not in school nor do I have kids to buy supplies for. There are so many cute notebooks, pens, etc.

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  11. I love back to school–and not just because by late August our children seem to be plotting each other’s demise. As the daughter of a teacher, back to school meant time with my mom, hanging bulletin boards, organizing books, running “dittos” and making place cards for students’ desks. It brings back lovely memories and reminds me that I can never thank teachers enough for all they do.

    Hugs and gratitude to teachers everywhere!

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  12. I loved buying the new, TV-show-themed metal lunchboxes with the little Thermos & cup that stunk by Oct. (Mrs. Beasley, anyone?) I just don’t get why kids go back to school in August, though. We always had our first (half) day the Thurs. after Labor Day. I’m also trying to come to grips with the fact they are now featuring rakes at the hardware store…

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