Some Things About Which I Am Indecisive

  • Pedicures: good for your feet or gateway addiction?
  • The title of my work in progress. The title of this post, for that matter.
  • My ability/desire to add in more vegetables today (by which I mean every day).
  • Whether I should just go ahead and buy the thing already.
  • Frozen yogurt: healthy alternative or devil in disguise?
  • Which Bravo show is my favorite and it might actually be all of them so why am I even trying.
  • Highlights (in my hair, not of events).
  • If traveling to that evening event is worth all the necessary planning and hoopla.
  • Twitter: infotastic delivery system or overwhelming machine?
  • Which book to read next.

How about you, dear readers? What are you pondering these days?

48 thoughts on “Some Things About Which I Am Indecisive

  1. What I’m going to eat next is usually the big looming question for me. Either I’ve just been shopping and have many delicious options to chose from, or the fridge is bare and contains nothing I’m in the mood for. And, of course, what to read next!

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  2. I’m still trying to figure out my one-word goal/resolution for 2019 — and it’s February already. Maybe my word should be “Decide.” Cynthia, on the frozen yogurt question: eat ice cream instead!

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    1. See, I can understand this because you are a food expert. The rest of us have no excuse…says the person who always informs the table that she’ll be ordering last because she needs that last few seconds of pressure to spur the final choice. (You and I can sit together and hem and haw, okay?)

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    2. Nonsense! What to order at a restaurant is always important.
      I would love to what you decide, being the foodie and litigator you are.
      I can see it now.
      You grill the waiter with all kinds of questions about preparation and ingredients.
      You weigh the evidence of the protein to veggie ratio.
      You ask the sommelier about the best vino, to eliminate circumstantial pairings.
      You ask the other witnesses what they are having so it will end in a hung jury!

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  3. Cynthia, this made me guffaw. Or maybe chortle. I can’t decide.

    I like to change my mind 1.6 million times (give or take) before landing on something. Right now I’ve decided to ignore Big and Important Questions and wrestle with whether I should cut bangs.

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    1. Oh my gosh. But that IS a Big and Important Question too. Not so much because of how they will look–because they’ll look awesome on you!!!–but because anyone who gets bangs has to think ahead to the project of growing them out if you ever decide you don’t want them any more. (Or is that just a brutal project for curly girls? You know what? Don’t tell me. I have already spent way too much energy my whole life wishing my hair were straight.)

      Annnnnd now I’m having flashbacks of a scary haircut (aka scarecut) where I accidentally got bangs. And wrote about it because, you know, that’s what we do.

      But if YOU get bangs, you will be a glorious goddess, just like you already are, so I am wishing you the best! Good luck deciding!

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      1. Okay, I *literally* laughed out loud at that post. Ha ha ha!! And now I want to see pictures.

        I usually cut bangs after I see a Brigitte Bardot movie or something and feel like it’ll make me seem all smoldering and mysterious. Instead I look like I did with my Dorothy Hamill haircut in third grade. (Dorothy looked great in that cut! Me…not so much.)

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  4. Love this, Cynthia! And I could hear your voice in every question.

    I have a hair one, too, Kathy. Should I shave my head or not? I was going to after we got back from our Danube cruise. I figured between November and March conference season I would have decided I loved it, or would have sufficiently grown it out enough to leave the house. but then our trip was cancelled so now I’m looking at the calendar, going “nope, not then … not then … son’s wedding pics? better not …” But what if I love it??

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    1. Thank you, B, and you’ve hit on something here that contributes greatly to indecision–we are thinking not just about doing the actual thing but how we’ll feel about the thing after we’ve done it!

      So much to ponder.

      And I agree with Kathy. If you’ve been wanting to… 🙂

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    2. Becky, I don’t want to be a naysayer, but I’m thinking the stubble phase could be awkward! Opposite problem to cutting too short: When I tell stylist, “I don’t want it to look like I just got a haircut.” It doesn’t — and I pay her anyway!

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  5. Oh, boy, is this discussion timely! I’ve been trying to decide if I want to stop coloring my hair….I have a very impressive stripe and kind of like my white hair. But the cashiers in the grocery store have started calling me “honey” and talking really s.l.o.w.l.y….. Maybe we should all just go for it and compare our new looks at Malice?

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    1. LOVE these ideas–both the stop coloring and the going for it! Go for it, Shari! I always wished that when my white started coming in, it would be in a cool stripe in the front a la Anne Bancroft! (But instead mine seems to be emerging from the CENTER of my head. Like a fountain. Sigh.)

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      1. Love the fountain image! My daughter got SO MAD at me once when I plucked a gray corkscrew out of the top of her head.

        I used to laugh and explain whenever people complimented my “highlights.” Now I just say thank you.

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  6. My indecisiveness? Should I try to lose weight because my friends are concerned, or should I continue to love the plumpness that is me. I seem to be in the minority of how I look. I think I look fabulous no matter what!
    And what the heck. I’ve always got a wig for disguises.

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    1. Tee hee! Well, I’ve decided, after all of these wonderful comments, that what looks like us being indecisive is actually us being thoughtful! It’s a good thing!

      And best of luck with the characters…you got this!

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  7. Right now I’m deciding who the killer really is in my new ms. I usually find out at the same time as my sleuth and it’s never who I think it is. I do plant clues along the way–I just don’t realize they’re clues til the end. It’s like What’s My Line? (Murderer’s Edition)

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