We love mysteries here at Chicks on the Case, so here are some spooky things that have disappeared—poof—without a trace.

The Little Mermaid’s voice—first in 1837 then again in 1989 then AGAIN in 2007

Agatha Christie—for ten days in 1926

Roald Amundsen—lost over the Arctic searching for missing explorer, 1928

Amelia Earhart—pilot, lost over the Pacific, 1937

Glenn Miller—big-band leader, lost without a trace over the English Channel, 1944

Michael Rockefeller—heir to family fortune, lost in Papua New Guinea, 1961

DB Cooper—along with $200,000 ransom, somewhere in the Pacific Northwest, 1971

Vicki Lawrence’s singing career—immediately after the lights went out in Georgia, 1973

Jimmy Hoffa—union leader, 1975

My ability to learn French—probably never actually had it; confirmed 9th grade, 1976

Clingy, needy high school boyfriend—soon after I left for college, 1980

All my modesty—slowly ebbed away beginning with my first pregnancy, 1987

Legible handwriting—lost to decades of typing, 1997 and getting worse, if that’s possible

My son’s goldfish—no skeleton, no fishy corpse, no nuthin’, 2003

The ability to refold roadmaps—thanks, GPS, 2006

What has disappeared in your life? Any real-life mysteries we can solve for you?

60 thoughts on “Disappeared

    1. Oh, Etta, same here. I took a jazz dance class for a PE credit in college with some friends. I was hilariously bad. It met right after lunch where I inevitably had a cheeseburger … you know, like all elite dancers do. I saved the Hostess Suzi Q’s until after class, though. I was into fitness like that back then.

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      1. I had a yoga teacher stare at me and say, Are you *really* that inflexible? I don’t attend Yoga for Authors sessions at conferences (too early anyway).


  1. Any artistic abilities in tactile arts (think: crocheting, knitting, silversmithing, pottery, quilting, basketweaving, singing, playing any instrument to date). There are more to come, I expect, as I keep trying. Fun list!

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    1. Thanks, Ruth. My mom taught me how to knit when I was a kid, but she still has to cast on for me, lo these 50 years later. And I can only go back and forth. My projects are limited to wide scarves and narrow scarves. But they remain on my needles because I don’t know how to finish them either. Thinking about opening an Etsy shop….

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      1. Those are my exact knitting skills. I can’t cast on or off (I can’t cast a fly fishing rod either, no matter how hard my husband tries to teach me.)

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  2. Along with the usual assortment of socks and one pair of coral shorts (they were cute, honest!), my ability to read music without whispering “Every Good Boy Does Fine” to remember the notes has also disappeared. Mysterious!

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      1. Perish the thought! I email my WIP to myself every day, when I stop for lunch and when I’m done for the day. And hubs got me a battery back-up so if the power blips, I don’t lose anything.

        Why yes, thankyouforasking, I HAVE lost my work before ….

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  3. A ceramic bowl that Robin and I both like eating our yogurt, cereal, oatmeal, etc., out of disappeared with no trace about two weeks ago. And I think we both suspect the other of either breaking or misplacing it, and not wanting to fess up.

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  4. My body AND my mind seem to be trying to depart. Lots of things never made it from all the moves we’ve done. But I think I know where Jimmy Hoffa is.

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    1. Kaye, have you ever gone straight to a cabinet in 2019 where you KNOW some baking dish is, only to realize it’s nowhere in the house? And then your husband says, “We got rid of that when we moved in 1989.” No? Just me?

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  5. Great list, Becky! We moved a ton of Christmas stuff from Memphis to Michigan, and all of it seems to have made it here except a two-foot tall silver Christmas tree John had in his room as a kid growing up. It’s timeworn, but well-loved — and it’s shiny silver for Pete’s sake, we should be able to spot it!
    (And Becky, even though my computer automatically backs up to the cloud, I also email my WIP to myself every day. It must be writer’s anxiety!)

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  6. I used to see Vicki once on awhile in Long Beach. She had (has?) a house in one of the beachfront communities. But no sign of her singing career!

    I’m still looking for MIA $50 Amazon gift card and a $100 bill… both noticed missing in Dec. I live alone and they were in diff places, out of the reach of catnip-craving kitties.

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  7. When I always a teenager, I had dark hair. Over the years, almost all of it has disappeared and been replaced with gray hair. The injustice of it all.

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  8. I always lose my mittens and gloves. Always. While this may not seem like a big deal to anyone, it is currently 3 degrees here. I need those mittens you buy on a string (or with those nasty little clips). Do they still sell those? —Freezing in NH.

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    1. I have mittens and gloves everywhere! At the end of the season, I buy a bunch on sale and stash them in the consoles and glove compartments of the cars, in all my coat pockets, and in a big bag we keep in the hall closet. That’ll keep the house elfs busy!


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