Cover Reveal: The Study of Secrets

The Study of Secrets (Lila Maclean Academic Mysteries #5) finds Lila on sabbatical in a charming Victorian mansion, where she is drawn into a new mystery.

In keeping with the title, I’m going to share a few secrets…

First, although the covers in the series look alike at first glance, do you notice that each one has a slightly different collection of items on the right?

The items have something to do with the stories. If you’ve read the other books, perhaps you already know what the connections are–if so, please don’t identify them so that we avoid spoilers, but please do imagine that I’m awarding you a gold medal to wear around, which may be invisible to others, but you’ll know it’s there and wow, is it shiny! Go you!

Second, the color of The Study of Secrets cover tells you something about it. Can you guess what it is?

Third, The Study of Secrets will be out on May 26, and I can now reveal that there will be a Facebook launch party the following day hosted by Cozy Experience, for The Study of Secrets AND Read or Alive, the third book in the fantastic Bookmobile Mystery Series written by my wonderful critique partner Nora Page. Also on May 26, our fabulous friend Kate Lansing is launching her delightful debut, Killer Chardonnay in the new Colorado Wine Mystery series! I’ve read both of these lovely books–cozy readers are going to adore them.

Details about the launch party will be posted on Facebook ( as we get closer, so please follow the page to stay up on the news if you’re interested.

Hope that you are doing something that inspires you on this Dr. Martin Luther King Day!  ♥︎

And our question is…what secret can you tell us today? (Just us and, you know, the whole internet.)


32 thoughts on “Cover Reveal: The Study of Secrets

  1. Love all your covers, Cynthia, and can’t wait to read the newest Lila installment!! And thank you so much for the shout out ❤ Honored to share a pub date with you, and so excited to celebrate with you and Nora!

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  2. Great cover. And yes, I had noticed the subtle differences in the covers and what they mean.

    What am I doing today? Working like normal. Most of the world does outside banks and the government. But the commute sure was nice today.

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  3. Love the subtle differences in your covers, Cynthia. (I think Henery always does a FAB job with their covers!) And now I’m trying to figure out the hidden meaning of all the different colors. Hmmmm….

    Having been gifted with a sneak peak at the ms for THE STUDY OF SECRETS, all I can tell everyone is that you’re all in for a huge treat when it comes out in May! Congrats, Cyn!

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    1. Ahhh, thank you soooo much, Leslie, for reading and for saying kind things! (Can you tell I’m still over here biting my nails?)

      Love Henery covers too. That’s what drew me to them in the first place, the pretty covers. 🥰

      Only two of the Lila covers have colors that reveal something (that clue might help)…

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  4. Cynthia, Lila is absolutely one of my favorite sleuths and all-around heroines. I adore this series, and can’t wait to help celebrate the debut of #5, as well as the awesome books of our good friends Nora and Kate. Have to admit, I’m stumped by the color question. I will try to study harder. Congrats again on the Lefty. (Color me NOT surprised.)

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    1. *wipes tear* <for reals Thank you so much, Lisa. I love YOURS and ALL of the Chicks series so much that it pains me to wait for the next ones in between pub dates…

      I'll answer the color question later on if no one guesses it… 🙂


    1. Thank you so much, Libby. Love love love yours too, as you know. I practically tackled the delivery person when I saw the package from amazon in his hands and knew it meant the latest was right there…


  5. Time to spill the last drop of tea!

    –Book 5 is green because: Christmas.
    –The only other one with a color that “matches” the setting is book 3 > Halloween.

    Thanks for hanging out with me today! ♥︎


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