News Flash: A New Chicks on the Case Feature

The Chicks are thrilled to announce a new website feature: an Events page. We have lots of virtual appearances coming up and decided to share them all in one location. Check out the page to find out what panels we’ll be on at Virtual Bouchercon 2020, what bookstores we’ll be “e-ppearing” at, and more. We’ll include in-person events too, as soon as they begin again.

Hope to “e-see” you–or in-real-life-see you–soon!

Readers, do you think you’ll check out some of our “e-ppearances?” How do you feel about online events? Have you done any? Are you warming up to them? Pros? Cons? Let us know so we can learn from you!

10 thoughts on “News Flash: A New Chicks on the Case Feature

    1. Totally understand! We thought it might be nice to keep them handy, especially since so many of them these days have video links for later viewing, in case anyone’s interested.


      1. I can see that, and I hadn’t given it any thought. A “past events” section and a “future events” section might still be useful.

        Okay, I’ll shut up now. 😉

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