It’s the book birthday for the sixth book in my Agatha and Lefty Award-winning Cajun Country Mystery series. I’m so excited because it revolves around Halloween! Could there be a more perfect holiday for a series set in the state that bills itself as the most haunted in the country? To celebrate, I’m doing a half-dozen virtual events with some great authors. Tonight, I’m “at” … Continue reading MURDER IN THE BAYOU BONEYARD launches today!

Guest Chick: Sara Dahmen

Hi, Ellen here. I e-met Sara Dahmen in a Dana Kaye webinar about promoting during a pandemic. Sara had written a gorgeous book, Copper, Iron, and Clay: A Smith’s Journey, about iconic American cookware and her journey to become the only female coppersmith in America. Read about how she came to write this awesome book – which includes delicious recipes… Did you know that I … Continue reading Guest Chick: Sara Dahmen

Happy Book Birthday, Leslie!

Today is the official release day for MURDER FROM SCRATCH, by our very own Chick, Leslie Karst. Happy book birthday, Leslie! MURDER FROM SCRATCH is the latest addition to Leslie’s wonderful Sally Solari Mystery series. You can always count on great mysteries and great recipes from this Best Humorous Mystery Lefty nominee. Here’s a little about the book… Restaurateur Sally Solari’s cousin Evelyn may be … Continue reading Happy Book Birthday, Leslie!

Guest Chick: Libby Klein

We’re so happy to welcome back Libby Klein, author of the warm and hilarious Poppy McAllister Mysteries. AND she’s got a delicious recipe for us! Stealing Recipes Do you refuse to give out recipes? You pride yourself in your Great Grandma Teresa’s all-day sauce passed down on a bride’s wedding day after she kisses the wooden spoon and promises she will take it to her … Continue reading Guest Chick: Libby Klein

Making Sushi Is No Mystery

As Monty Python famously said, “And now for something completely different!” But since I do pen culinary-themed mysteries, I thought it only right and proper that I begin to sprinkle the occasional recipe into this blog. So here’s one to celebrate the new year! As some of you probably know, my wife Robin and I spend half the year in Santa Cruz (where my Sally … Continue reading Making Sushi Is No Mystery

Guest Chick: Daryl Wood Gerber

The Chicks welcome author Daryl Wood Gerber, who offers a little insight into her  fab foodie mysteries, including her latest, “A Deadly Eclair: A French Bistro Mystery.” Who knew I’d have to cook to be a mystery author? Luckily, I do cook and always have. As a young girl, I sold chocolate cream pies around the neighborhood. But I had no idea when I started … Continue reading Guest Chick: Daryl Wood Gerber

Guest Chick: Leslie Karst

Lucky us! And lucky you – a recipe and a giveaway. Today guest Chick Leslie Karst, author of the Sally Solari Mysteries, celebrates the launch of MEASURE OF MURDER, the second book in her series, by sharing one of her favorite recipes,  Martini Chicken.  Leslie’s also hosting a giveaway for one hardcover copy of A MEASURE OF MURDER, so make sure you comment on this tasty post.
Continue reading “Guest Chick: Leslie Karst”