Guest Chick: Cherie Claire

Ellen here, and I’m thrilled to welcome my friend Cherie Claire to the Chicks for the first time. Cherie, who also writes as Chere Coen, has become a good friend through our mutual Louisiana appearances and fascination with the state. (She gets to live there; I only get to visit.) Today, she shares some wonderful words of writing wisdom. A Few Words on Writing I … Continue reading Guest Chick: Cherie Claire

Just a Cupful of Inspiration

Mystery writers often get asked, “Where do your ideas (for books, murders, characters) come from?” This is a question I field at pretty much every presentation and every interview I do. Since doing the cover reveal last week on social media for the new series I have coming out early next year, some people have asked, “Where did you get the idea for this series?” … Continue reading Just a Cupful of Inspiration

This Summer, at Writing Camp: A Letter Home from NaNoWriMo

It’s July, and many of us authors are packed off, some kicking and screaming, with our manuscripts to virtual Camp NaNoWriMo for a marathon month of “focus.” Lisa has fallen behind, so she is cheating by posting her required letter home from 3 years ago (with a few updates). Please cheer her on–and for the love of Fluffernutters, don’t tell her counselor!  Continue reading This Summer, at Writing Camp: A Letter Home from NaNoWriMo

Writer vs. Muse: A Twisted Tail

By now we’re two weeks into the New Year. The balloons have deflated and the party hats and horns and champagne glasses are packed up or recycled. Every other writer I know is officially back to work, committed to ambitious daily word counts. But me? I have to wait until January 28th, the dawn of the Chinese New Year. Here’s why. Long before the popular call to abolish 2016, it … Continue reading Writer vs. Muse: A Twisted Tail